About Us

TDB Partners, LLC.

TDB Partners, LLC. is a General Agent for Temporary Disability Benefits (TDB) in New Jersey and Disability Benefits Law (DBL) in New York. Our Insurance Agents partner with us to find the optimal Statutory coverage for their clients in the metro New York and New Jersey area.

We use our knowledge of the Disability Benefits Law, disability products and carriers to recommend the best solution for your clients. Our primary business goal is to support our partners in the understanding of key areas of TDB/DBL and to write New premium on existing business.

Chris Lee, Senior Account Executive

Chris Lee TDB Partners Senior Account Executive in NJChris Lee is the Senior Account Executive of TDB Partners, a General Agent, and a leading local (NJ/NY) expert in the field of temporary disability benefits insurance. Chris specializes in helping Insurance Agents understand Temporary Disability Benefits and the Temporary Disability Law. He and his team handle all aspects of transitioning groups from NJ/NY State plans to the Private insurance marketplace.

If you are an insurance professional looking for TDB or DBL coverage for your clients contact us today.